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Executive Paralegals

Executive Paralegals

Our dedicated, experienced, and skilled executive paralegals who are thorough and patient:

1.  Make our Law Office more competitive by lowering the overall cost of services to you the client.
2.  Are more flexible, more adaptive, and generally better at certain types of legal work and better at controlling certain details or repetitive processes than attorneys.
3.  Are more available and attentive to clients since they don’t go to court, travel, or get so deeply absorbed in cases. Great communications between our clients and paralegals is a mutual benefit.
4. Relieve attorneys of routine work that frees them up to concentrate on strategy, case management, and other complex issues of your case.
5.  Improve client satisfaction by taking care of details, being available for telephone calls and visits, getting and relaying attorney answers to clients with questions.


Things paralegals can do:

1.  Interview witnesses and clients.
2.  Communicate with clients.
3.  Collect, organize, and summarize facts and documents.
4.  Produce drafts and even final copies of letters, pleadings, and related case and court documents for an attorney’s review and signature. Repetitive legal forms should usually be drafted by experienced qualified paralegals to allow the attorneys to better utilize their time.

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