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Attorney Hourly Rates
Can Be Skewed by Cheating

Many Butchers, Bartenders, Contractors, Auto Mechanics, and Professionals cheat their customers and clients, especially in situations where they cannot easily be held accountable. Cheating is a human frailty and so prevalent that it can be considered a predictable part of human nature. Cheating is evolutionary, all animals do it. Research shows that consumers trust small businesses less than they trust used car salesmen because of their own bad experiences. Buyer beware!

Family Attorneys generally bill hourly so who can keep them from overbilling or overworking a case? 

There are Givers and Takers and Takers are always more prone to cheat than Givers who look out for their clients and other people in every way possible. Hire Givers and especially transparent ones who are honest or they wouldn’t be transparent. Givers are easier to find than ever in this information age.  Ask your friends and followers and talk to an attorney’s current or former clients personally.

Successful people who are Prolific Givers help their communities through giving to charities and donating their time as well as money to deserving organizations and individuals.

Prolific Givers care about other people and truly want to help them. They are not the type of person to overcharge for their products or services, which is particularly proven by giving to charity. Marilyn and her staff members are selfless community-minded people who regularly help local charities and people and animals in need.

Marilyn and her Legal Staff on average bill less than 80% of the hours they work furthering cases. And that is one of the reasons why this office consistently bills less in cases than the opposing attorneys do while getting more work done.

Marilyn has fired and does fire Staff Members for dishonesty, unethical conduct, using street drugs, and coming to work intoxicated. That is what honest business owners do.

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