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13 Excellent Reasons to Hire Marilyn York

Why Hire Marilyn York?

Marilyn has a confident engaging charismatic personality and after meeting with her for 5 minutes, most people will remember her for a long time. She breaks down barriers with humor and a relaxed even-tempered manner, but she is undeniably powerful and always in charge. People respond to her magnetic calm-assertive energy, which makes her influential. Consequently, she has been able to hire great employees who share her work ethic and enthusiasm in working for family law clients. Still, you might ask:

Shouldn’t I Hire Marilyn York, and Get Her
(9) Exceptional Firm Members Too?

1.  Hire Marilyn’s firm that works exclusively for family law clients: Marilyn and her associates and paralegals eat, drink, sleep, talk and breathe family law which they love doing. They are never distracted by other types of law like garden-variety (general practitioner) lawyers would be. Each attorney here has more family law experience than many of the garden-variety lawyers combined. Would you hire a doctor to get a vasectomy who does a few such operations a year or hire a doctor that specializes in vasectomies?
2.  Hire Marilyn and get (4) exclusive family law attorneys collaborating on your case because they all brainstorm case strategies together; four heads are better than one. Many local family law attorneys are sole practitioners.
3.  Sober attorneys are hard to find. We are clear-headed at all times, not going up or down or influenced by alcohol, recreational drugs, or prescription drugs. You would be shocked to know how many attorneys have addictive habits that handicap and distract them in court.
4.  Family court judges respect us because we are dedicated, experienced, hard-working, prepared, and honest.
5.  We return client phone calls promptly.
6.  We strive to give good value for client’s money.
7.  We keep clients informed and involved throughout their cases.
8.  We explore negotiating before litigating.
9.  We are straightforward and honest, minimizing client stress and anxiety by ensuring realistic expectations.
10.  We have had exclusive family law experience since 2001.
11.  We are witty, bright, organized & compassionate.
12.  We are passionate about protecting children.
13.  We strive to earn and retain respect from clients who hire us, courts, and the legal community.

If You Like Our Philosophy,
You’ll Like Our Methods

As a firm, we strive to serve our clients’ needs by being prepared, thoughtful, well-informed, up to date on applicable law, and offering realistic, reasonable solutions to the legal and life issues our clients face upon divorce. We do not believe that every case should be litigated and we will negotiate with your spouse or her/his counsel to reach a resolution where possible. We will not be a tool to punish your spouse and we do not seek clients who are vengeful and seeking revenge for a spouse’s prior bad deeds.

We believe that children need both parents. We do not represent clients who want to perform a “parent-ectomy” in their children’s lives. In other words, unless there is good cause such as abuse or neglect, we will not represent a client who wants to keep the other parent from their children. Even when couples can no longer work together in a marriage, if they are parents, they have to work together for the rest of their lives for their children. Minor, or even major, disagreements about parenting are not a reason why a child should not see both of their parents. We will work with our clients within the court system to work out such disagreements recognizing that as parents, you are irrevocably tied together by your children.

We provide honest assessments of the cases our clients ask us to handle. We will not mislead you into believing you have a slam dunk, winning case if that is not an accurate assessment based on our legal experience. We will try to resolve cases through negotiation and reach a resolution without litigation whenever possible. We will not fight over every issue just to earn more attorney fees. We

will be prepared with a viable strategy to get the best possible resolution for each case. We will prioritize all cases and act accordingly. We will return communications to clients and opposing counsel in a timely manner. We will work with our colleagues whenever possible to resolve issues without involving the courts. We will file timely, thorough, well-researched, and well-written documents on behalf of our clients.

If these are the skills and perspectives you seek in an attorney, you should hire us.

Why Women Representing Men?

Women attorneys in our office work well with men. There is no male rivalry or anything to prove.  In a family law courtroom, a woman attorney and male client seem normal, legitimate, and credible.  A male attorney and a male client can easily come off as being arrogant, chauvinistic, and bullying. Many of the family court judges are women. If you are a man in marital combat, what makes sense to you?

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