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Visitation gains, rulings, and maintaining compliance are fraught with disappointments for fathers. Having our powerful representation is your best plan because your children are precious and they desperately need you.

Nevada laws are not gender biased but court sympathies, decisions and social mores can be. Men hardly ever receive spousal support; mothers are unlikely to be falsely accused of physically or sexually abusing their children whereas fathers face these false accusations way too often.  This is one reason why men need strong representation.

Securing and enforcing father’s visitation rights are our most gratifying cases because children need their fathers. Because too many mothers undermine visitation schedules, we are tough on this issue to ensure that you actually get to see your children regularly.

Children need their fathers, this is why we specialize in Men’s and Fathers Rights. The family court is supposed to rule with the best interests of the children but complex situations can muddy up the ideal. Family attorneys should always strive to get decisions that best serve the interests of the children.  We do just that.