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Staff Assigned to Clients  

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When Marilyn meets with a Client Applicant during the Initial Consult who hires her, she may select herself as the Assigned Lawyer and then select a “Lawyer Associate” or not. She may select an Associate as the Assigned lawyer. Where Marilyn is the Assigned Lawyer, any “Lawyer Associate” should be rewarded as well as accountable for collections for those clients. Otherwise it is too easy for a client to get behind without any lawyer watching and influencing the outcome. ML Reports, Client Analysis can have “Include as associate” selected and then % Collections will include those clients.

All Client hire Marilyn per the Retainer Agreement, but usually the Lawyer that meets with the Client Applicant during the Initial Consult will become the Assigned Lawyer.

On Client form:

If “Lawyer Associate” is selected, “CC” and “On Standby” are automatically selected, and

     in Clients list, Staff column, Staff initials will be outlined in medium green.
If “CC” is selected, “On Standby” is automatically selected, and

     in Clients list, Staff column, Staff initials will be outlined in light green.
“On Standby” can be selected by itself.

“Lawyer Associate” should be selected when an Associate is billing equal or more hours or times than Marilyn. If an Associate bills less hours than Marilyn, she does not need to be selected as Lawyer Associate.  If a client is behind in paying and Marilyn will not fire or rehabilitate him, an Associate may de-select herself as Lawyer Associate so her % Collection are not unfairly lowered.

“CC” should be selected when an Associate is billing less hours than Marilyn or the Associate needs CC’d.

Examples of “CC” use: Receptionist gets U.S. mailed documents, FedEx etc. and court eflex documents off the web and has to decide where to route them. Paralegals or Office Staff may be asked to do some research for Marilyn’s client and when emailing to Marilyn, they should “CC” a Lawyer Associate if ML is marked for that. Marilyn may need to consult ML to see who she should “Bcc” as Lawyer Associate when sending an email to a client, opposing counsel, etc.

In the examples shown below on the Client’s Form in ML, Marilyn is the Assigned Lawyer, Julie is the Assigned Paralegal and Chantel is the Assigned Business Staffer –

1.  Top example indicates Marilyn has not selected a “Lawyer Associate”, nor “CC”, nor “On Standby”.

2.  Second example indicates Marilyn or someone has selected “On Standby”.

3.  Third example indicates Marilyn or someone has selected “CC” and “On Standby”.

4.  Fourth example indicates Marilyn or someone has selected “Lawyer Associate”, “CC” and “On Standby”.


In Clients list, Staff column, Davine will “CC” Associates whenever she sees their initials outlined in Green.


Note: below in the Staff column Andriea’s initials “an” are first when she is the Primary Lawyer Assigned and her initials follow Marilyn’s (ma/an….) when she is selected as Lawyer Associate.



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