709 Dropbox Instructions

Dropbox Instructions
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Dropbox Instructions

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Dropbox folder “From 548 Files” allows sharing of FM files.

Dropbox is very convenient and free but has (1) shortcoming that will take a little effort to overcome. Only one user can open a given FM file at a time or we end up with a “Conflicted” copy with different new records ending up on both file copies. In this case, Ray, Chantel or Mollie will merge them back to one file. This probably won’t happen too often. It is also not too big of a deal when it does happen because it can be quickly fixed.

1. Ray will generally use these FM files outside of business hours and hopefully avoid causing conflicts.
2. Marilyn generally only uses “ck Rec Pers.fp7” and therefore should not need to worry about conflicts.
3. If Mollie and Chantel close the files when done using them that will reduce chances of conflicts.
4. The (3) ck files are supposed to close automatically after 60 minutes which will help. That 60 minutes can be changed.
5. Generally if Chantel uses the FM files in the afternoons and Mollie in the mornings that would help.
6. It is not worthwhile to check with other Users before using the files – that is more trouble than an occasional conflict.
7. It is worthwhile checking on a Mac computers’ Finder to see “Date Last Opened” for a FM file before opening it. If it was last opened more than a few hours ago, it should be safe to open it.
8. FM Master Files are located in Dropbox Folder “FROM 548 Files!!!”. Ray’s Mac computer is backing up these files daily on an external hard drive using Apple Time Machine.

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