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Client Starts, Icon Billing, % Icon Conversion
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Client Starts, Icon Billing, % Icon Conversion

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Only charges selected as “1st Icon” will be counted along with Client Starts for an Associate.  A 12 Month Running Average of % Icon Conversion is published on ML Dashboard which is calculated by all of an Associate’s Client Starts for the last 12 months divided by the Associate’s total Icons for the same period of time.

We count a New Client Start and the Start Date by using dates shown on Credit and Charge entries (not actual date of entries), and our Client start date is defined as when:
1)  > $1,000 accumulated Credits to Account(s) “Regular” and/or “Trust” have been entered; and
2)  > $250 accumulated Charges in legal fees for Lawyers and/or Paralegals have been entered in ML.

Billing Choices for Icons –

1.  When an Associate does an “Icon” for a “returning Client same case”, she should select as a Charge: “Icon, returning client same case”, not “1st Icon”.  See images below.  This prevents such a returning client from being counted as a “1st Icon” which would be unfair because the Client can’t be counted as the Associate’s new client. The original Client Form for the “returning Client same case” will continue to be used.  An Associate’s % Icon Conversion is not affected.


2.  When an Associate does an “Icon” for a “returning Client different case”, she should select as a Charge: “1st Icon”.  If that old Client hires this office for the new case, he needs a new Client Form with one extra descriptive word added to his last name inserted between parentheses to differentiate his new case from his old case.  This Icon will be counted in the Associate’s % Icon Conversion calculations as will his count as a Client Start if he hires the office.

3.  When an Associate does an “Icon” for a person new to this office or one that had an Icon months or years ago, she should select as a Charge: “1st Icon”.  If that person hires this office, the Icon will be counted in the Associate’s % Icon Conversion calculations as will his count as a Client Start.

4.  If an Icon comes back soon for a second or third Icon then select Charge: “2nd Icon” or “3rd Icon” as appropriate.  


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