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Getting Client Reviews

Find a monthly list of Clients to ask them for reviews.  Clients who recently went Inactive and those whose case was closed is best and the next best is:

1.  After the end of a month, find records: ML, Credits, appropriate month date range, Credit Type”All”; sort by “Type’ (newest date first).

2.  Scroll to bottom of list and copy all “Transfer from deposit” records (use computer copy and paste method).  Paste directly into the body of a new email to be sent.  Above the list, insert the words:  “ML, From Credit Type “Transfer from deposit”.  See example image below.

3.  From CHK REC BUS, find records by inserting appropriate month date range and ACCT# 832.  See example image below.

4.  Make a screen shot of found records, see example image above, and insert it into the body of the email started in Step 2. Above the list, insert the words:  “Clients from CK REC BUS refund checks”.  See example imageof this email below.

5.  Use the above methods and/or other methods monthly to list potentials to get Client reviews. After determining from your own knowledge and with the help of other Staff Members, which Clients loved us and would likely give us 5 Star Reviews, add their email addresses from the ML, Client Form and email this shorter list to Ray who will request Client Reviews by email. Do this for each month by the 10th of the following month.


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