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Mollie Gittens, Office Manager/Executive Assistant to Marilyn York

When I was introduced to Marilyn York and her staff I felt immediately passionate about her specializing in family law.  I had never known of a law office that protected fathers’ and men’s rights.  It’s different, wonderful and it somewhat hits close to home.  Divorce is a difficult process, but it is extremely important to remember that every child needs BOTH parents.  I know this from personally experiencing divorce in my family and also by getting to know our clients and their children when they’re in our office.

Since 2007, I’ve been the behind-the-scenes backbone of Marilyn York’s office.  As Office Manager, I oversee the primary back of house responsibilities like accounting, HR, cruise directing, and more, plus serve as Executive Assistant to Marilyn.  In college, I studied human development and family studies and was originally drawn to the firm because of the family aspects, challenges, and opportunities that came with the job. 

My husband, daughter, and I take every chance we can for adventure- going camping or traveling, near and far!  I have backpacked through Europe and Southeast Asia, hiked in Peru, and enjoy visiting different cities with culture.  If good food and good wine are included, I’m in!