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Checklist for Hiring New Employees

Other Office Information

Vetting Applicants –

  1. Get and review resume and cover letter.
  2. Call for 20+ minute phone interview.
  3. Get our Questionnaire and History forms completed.
  4. Meet for a preliminary interview.

Send email and ask applicant to please

  1. Send copies of your college and law school transcripts
  2. Get your recent driving record and send me a copy.
  3. Meet Chantel for some written testing and then her and I will do more interviewing.  In this interview segment, you can and should ask all the questions you can think of; we will play act some office scenarios and tell you all the pertinent things we can think of in an attempt at full disclosure as to what to expect from your new office adventure.  You may also tour the building and your future office.
  4. You may bring anyone back to tour the office most any Saturday or Sunday or before, during or after the above meeting.
    5.  Sign an Employment Agreement and a Non-Compete Agreement
  5. We’ll owe you a commitment letter.
  6. Within the next week or two, please call Linda Honey at Timely Testing, 18124 Wedge Pkwy, Ste. 2005, RENO, NV 89509 at 800-1616 for an appointment at a time and place convenient for hair and urine drug testing.  Linda will bill Marilyn. 

Send emails:

During acceptance –

You made my day, thank you.  Yes, we will start you soon as you are available but want you to leave your old workplace in good graces.  Also you may want to take a week break between jobs which is optional.  You do not have to wait any specific time to take your first vacation on this job so make plans for the summer or whenever and schedule with Mollie.  Yes, we are looking out for you and will do all we can to make you happy and successful here. Our proprietary written office info is available at:

Draft a letter offering employment.  Use prior letters in “Letheads hm2 copy.fp12 in Pay Calculators folder.

Send welcome email on day one to test new email address, ask for a reply.

Send email 2nd day on job-

“New job transitions are tough and I want to encourage you to try to stay physically relaxed while being mentally alert and don’t try to work or to learn at a pace that is too stressful.  It takes about 6 months here to feel half competent.  Rome wasn’t built in a day.  Patience is healthy and you will feel rewards as you gain experience but succeeding on the job and not fleeing on the job is our main goal.

Over achievers can drive themselves crazy here.  Under achievers can be driven crazy here.  Help new staff seek a health balance.

Brittany billed high hours; but it took her about 10 months.  Try not to be overly competitive.  Relax, the first two weeks will be hell if you are too hard on yourself.  You will find the Staff helpful but they cumulatively may throw too much at you too soon.  RELAX, RELAX, RELAX.

Let me know if I can help you in any way.  Please check in with me once in awhile. 

Please complete attached W-4, I-9, Direct Deposit Authorization and Employment Agreement forms at your convenience:

Mollie can help you, especially on the I-9.  Please sign your employment agreement, keep a copy and scan and email a copy to Ray.  Then Mollie gets all the completed forms.  She will get your health insurances started 6/1/18.

Chantel will set you up on automatic payroll deposits; and the 401k starting 9/1/18.  Per your Employment Agreement:  “New Staff may voluntarily join the 401k program on the first day of the 4th month following their employment start date.”


‘IT’ and ML steps

  1. Add new hire to ML, User, Add New User, for “short name, use first two characters of first name unless that is already in use, then use first name and last name initials, no spaces, no punctuation.
  2. Insure she can make a new charge, correct a charge, new credit etc.
  3. Give her User name and password to her for ML.
  4. Notify Tim so he can set her up on “Workplace”.
  5. After setting hourly rate normally to same as other Staff, “Set rate for existing clients to match”, by selecting name of Staff member to match.
  6. Form her ML password, set it to be changed upon login; give her password to her for ML
  7. Give her User name and password to her for her computer
  8. Setup ML so she can bill
  9. Setup her Google Calendar.
  10. Set up her email address as 


Filemaker steps

  1. Add new hire to Contacts II including button and script to find that new record in Layout 1.
  2. In “CHC REC BUS”, update script 6.5 by adding new hire.

Mollie:  Before 2 months from hiring date, get pictures for bio for “Meet the team”.


BofA Intuit payroll

Add to automatic payroll deposits by appropriate date.  

Insure first check is correctly setup as well as subsequent ones. 

To calculate first check, use FM “4 1st/Last Pay CALC.fmp12”


New Hire forms
1.  Employment Agreement

  1. Current year W-4
  2. Authorization form for bank direct deposit
  3. I-9



Start 1st of month following start date


  1. Before end of 1st month, facilitate her insurance coverages if not waived.
  2. Before 2 months from hiring date, get pictures for bio for “Meet the team”, and get new hire to draft her bio. Submit both ro Ray for website publishing.
  3. Before 3 months from hiring date, have her new business cards delivered.
  4. Facilitate new hire getting on 401k at beginning of month after she has worked 3 months.


At about 5 weeks after any legal staffer begins work, ask her to study 705 Billing Guidelines to be tested on it one week later.

give her the “Billing Hours “ test, grade it, go over it with her and send a copy to Ray.


  1. If lawyer, Ray add to Malpractice insurance
  2. Add to 401k:  New Staff may voluntarily join the 401k program on the first day of the 4th month following their employment start date.  Example:  start employment 5/15, start 401k on 9/1.
  3. Give her an office key about a week after she starts.  Some people fail early-on.