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Great Family

Law Attorney












Great Female

Attorney Realtor




Whitney has long had a passion for law (human relationships) and architectural/interior design in homes.  As a people pleaser and over-achiever, it was natural for Whitney to put her high energies into family law, first doing a six-month internship at the Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada, while attending law school.  Whitney attended William S. Boyd School of Law, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, where she was a member of the Business Law Society and Environmental Law Society.  After graduating cum laude, Whitney took a position at the Clark County District Court, Las Vegas, where she gained valuable civil and criminal case experience as a law clerk for the Honorable Judge Abbi Silver. 


Upon returning to Reno, she practiced at a construction defect and real estate law firm for over three years.  During this time, she gained valuable experience and insight regarding contract, disclosure, environmental, insurance, title, and construction challenges that often take place during both the home purchase and selling processes.  She became frustrated with the real estate business status quo.  She observed that real estate agents often failed to take the time to learn the complex area of law that governs real estate, let alone educate clients about the rules, processes and procedures or take a proactive and preventative approach regarding these issues.  Instead, real estate agents only focused on marketing themselves to get the sale, and reacted to real estate issues, holding their breath and just hoping that the sale would close.  Meanwhile, while real estate attorneys were well-versed in handling real estate problems, they were not the ground soldiers helping clients prevent or resolve these issues, and only litigated the matters (and charged attorney rates) after the problem(s) already occurred. 


Whitney had an epiphany - It didn't have to be this way.  She could play a role in changing the game so that so that licensed attorneys were the real estate agents.  These new and improved agents would provide a higher level of skill and care for clients throughout the home buying and/or selling process.  Whitney obtained her broker-salesperson license and set out on a mission to use her skills, knowledge, and experience to help home buyers and sellers avoid pitfalls such as escrow surprises, disputes, lawsuits and disappointments. While she knows that she cannot guarantee a perfect escrow, she can certainly educate and empower her clients with the information and protection they need to successfully reach their real estate goals. Whitney is especially skilled and motivated to help buyers acquire environmentally healthy homes, and help sellers negotiate great terms for their home sale. 


And then, the two careers were merged like a good marriage - Whitney is living out her calling to protect the people of Northern Nevada legally and transactionally while they navigate through the complex process of purchasing and/or selling a home, and is there to help families navigate through family law matters in the event problems arise.  This marriage of law and real estate is truly the highest and best use of Whitney's time. 


While Whitney's career does not leave much personal time; she does enjoy extreme parkour and mud wrestling when she has a spare moment.  Just kidding, her real hobbies are finger painting and interpretive dance.