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Helping Men


   Chantel Garcia, Office Manager/Accounts Receivable

I was born in the California Bay Area, Alameda County to be a little more exact. I moved to Reno when I was three years old, so really Reno is the only home I've ever known. I actually like it here, as there is always something outdoors to do. Okay, let me change that a little bit, I like the summers here but I don't like the cold, the wind, and the snow. I don't ski or snowboard and would be perfectly content spending every weekend sunning on a lakeshore or hiking with my dog.

So, how did I end up at a law firm? Well, by pure chance actually. I had never done anything that would have given me experience in the legal field, and at the time I was teaching the future of America at a children's center (I know, scary). I was also a college student who was changing majors on a yearly basis. One evening I just happened to be in the right place at the right time, and a fellow classmate overheard me saying I was job hunting. The construction defect law firm she was employed at needed to hire, and fast. Next thing you know I had a new job as a receptionist who quickly earned the respectable title of "knows how to do just about anything and can quickly learn the rest." I enjoyed this newly found line of work, at least as far as it being in the legal field. However, after a few years of learning about faulty floor joists, I decided that I wanted something that was a little more challenging and a lot more exciting.

Lucky for me I had the right connections and a friend of Marilyn's told her what a catch I was. This friend had worked with me before and knew I would make a good addition to Marilyn's team. At the time Marilyn just happened to be receptionist shopping, and I scheduled an interview. So at this interview I worked my charm and showed my various talents, the next thing I knew I was an official Marilyn D. York employee. My challenging career and quick learning nature has earned me a respectable title of Receptionists and Legal Assistant.  As the office expanded I became the Assistant Business Manager. I not only love my job, I love the excitement and challenges that come with it. Although my career choice was not necessarily planned, I wouldn't want it any other way.